Spiral machine installation affecting the efficiency of the use of mixing station

  • HM Machinery

When installing the customer's own concrete batching plant will encounter a variety of problems, here's how to look at the spiral machine easily installed.

Spiral machine installation affecting the efficiency.jpg

Screw machine is an important concrete batching plant material handling equipment; its installation is in place also affecting the efficiency of the use of mixing station.

How to make spiral machine in right place?

First, screw machine should refer to the detailed instructions for use, and in strict accordance wherein said execution, compliance screw machine design capabilities.

Screw machine of concrete mixing plant installation steps:

(1) In accordance with the design drawings, the head and tail of the central cabinet by the factory director, or in order of priority by the head-end based on the thrust bearing housing.

(2) Between each chassis flange put bone asbestos pad, bolted, and the foundation bolts temporarily fixed (not tightened), then spirochetes and cleaned after suspension and coupling shaft bearing is assembled.

(3) Screw shaft flange connection between the body and should be added to asbestos mat, placed from the beginning of the first side-by-section spiral inside the casing, and tighten the screw flange bolts until the tail section and rely on the central axis of the shaft bearing housing level the string action.Length adjustment, so that all the coil integrally connected.


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