How to Select Portable Concrete Batch Plant

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How to select one suitable portable concrete batch plant?Along with the modification to construction policies in China and requirements to environmental protection, concrete batching plants have been continuously built throughout the country.

Concrete batch plants can be divided into standard concrete batching plants and simple concrete batching plants. And there are a lot of models of concrete batching plants. Thus selecting one suitable portable concrete batching plant is a trouble for users. So how to select a suitable portable concrete batch plant?


Zhengzhou haomei machinery equipment Co., Ltd will introduce how to choose one suited concrete batching plant?

Standard type concrete mixing plant is made up of mixing system, material feeding system, powder storing system, aggregate weighing system, control system and other systems. Among these, material feeding system is belt feeding system. So, standard type concrete mixing plant is also called belt conveyor concrete bating plant.

While, simple concrete batching plant consists of mixing system, material feeding system, batching system and control system, etc.. You can select other configurations. It uses skip hopper to feed materials. So it is also called skip type concrete batching plant.

There are mobile concrete batching plants and HZS concrete batching plants. According to the demanded quantity to concrete to choose the model. As for the configuration, you can select the most suitable one according to the amount of funds and the area of construction site. Zhengzhou haomei machinery equipment Co., Ltd is one professional concrete machinery manufacturer. Come to Pioneer for HZS concrete batching plants and mobile concrete batching plants.


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