Concrete Portable Batching Plant Management In Thunderstorm

  • HM Machinery

Not only the hot weather will bring certain effect to the production of concrete batching plant, but also the thunderstorm will bring disadvantage to the production and storage of concrete. There are some matters needing attention to concrete portable batching plant management in thunderstorm season.


As the main storage device of concrete batching plant, cement silo does not like thunderstorm weather. We know that the wide range of rainfall will make the surface of cement silo become moist. For concrete batching mixing plant, its basic structure is made of steel and other metals, so the erosion of rain for concrete portable batching plant is very serious, especially for some concrete batching plants which has no external paint spraying and other maintenance measures.

If users do not pay attention to concrete portable batching plant management in thunderstorm season, there will appear many troubles in the concrete batching plant application. Long-term rain erosion will bring hidden dangers in cement silo or some other parts, thus causing safety accidents. So what should concrete batching plant managers do in face of thunderstorm weather?

In fact, for any mechanical equipments, the long-term maintenance is equally important with the daily operation. Accidents happen sometimes because of negligence. So strict production management system is the guarantee of safety concrete production. For cement silo maintenance, we should know: whether they are operating personnels or other people, they should not stay under the cement silo for long time when they work near the cement silo. This point is very important. It is dangersome especially for staffs when they stay near the cement silo to store materials or maintain ceme.


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